I.R.Aliens: Dermot Butler and Carl Nally’s Circle of Deceit

Circle of Deceit: A Terrifying Alien Agenda in Ireland and Beyond

Dermot Butler and Carl Nally
Flying Disk Press – 2018

The first half of this book is the boring, yet rather upsetting, account of the mutilation of hundreds of sheep on the McLaughlin’s farm in Derry. A bunch of sheep on this one particular farm had their tongues and eyeballs and other bits sliced out. The farmer believed this was being done by his neighbour, and he tried to get help from the local police force and government to put a stop to it. The police put up a few security cameras but wouldn’t let the farmer ever see the footage they captured. The authorities’ conclusion was that birds were responsible. The farmer didn’t agree that it was birds. The lad who he thought was responsible died, but the mutilations continued. The farmer was very upset that the authorities weren’t doing more to help him. It seemed like they were ignoring him.

There’s nothing about that story that’s hard to believe. Animals were being mutilated. There’s tonnes of evidence that show this. Before we go any further, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the police force and local politicians in Northern Ireland capable of not giving appropriate attention to the problems of one specific farmer farmer?
  • Are there people in Derry who are willing to act out on grudges that go back generations?
  • Are there any other possible explanations for the unfortunate mutilations of farm animals?

To me, it seems that the answer to all of these questions is a big fat yes. The authors of this book claim that the mutilations were caused by aliens. That seems unlikely to me, but I’m definitely willing to consider it. The difficulty for me is that the authors of this book claim that the authorities in Northern Ireland were trying to cover up the fact that the mutilations were caused by aliens.

Here’s another question:

  • Is it more likely that the authorities in Northern Ireland are so disorganized that they can’t deal with the problems of a single farmer or so organized that they are working together with global governments to cover up the existence of aliens?

I’m sorry, but this is silly. There’s a difference between being open-minded and gullible.

When it comes to this kind of stuff, I can suspend disbelief for the sake of entertainment, but after spending roughly half the book discussing real events that actually happened, the authors jump straight to quotes from the Old Testament to suggest that the mutilations on the McLaughlin’s farm were caused by aliens who are using sheep’s tongues to keep themselves alive for millennia. Come on guys, you’re supposed to ease us in. I need a little foreplay before you start quoting scripture at me. After this they go on to point out that over 100 legal firms refused to get involved in the case. They claim that this was because the legal firms were being intimidated by the government into refusing service, but it seems far more likely that the firms didn’t want to deal with the crazies that had attached themselves to the McLaughlins.

The authors go on to suggest that aliens are abducting and treating humans in the same way. They seem to believe we should all be very worried about this.

I want to believe. I really do, but this book wasn’t remotely convincing. The authors mention countless cases of animal mutilations and human disappearances, but there’s little here that sticks these cases together apart from paranoia and a willingness to ignore common sense.

2 thoughts on “I.R.Aliens: Dermot Butler and Carl Nally’s Circle of Deceit

  1. There are also people who genuinely believe that the earth is flat. I was chatting to one online recently – nice guy, comes over as a man who ridiculed the idea but was eventually convinced. To me it just feels totally illogical. Like the aliens high on cattle tongues.


  2. In “UFO Highway: The Dulce Interview, Human Origins” the author claims to have been involved with The Dulce Base in New Mexico. The book explains that various races of ETs existed before humans and humans were created 4th. The premise is The Grays were created here on earth by a previous species, basically subjected to slavery and then trapped underground by said species. The cattle mutilations all over the earth are to obtain nutrition from the proteins in the blood and some organs. Laser like mutilations with not a drop of blood to be found around the cattle. This seems to be a world wide phenomenon. The Greenfield work on Crowley seems to have similarities to what was said in this book, ie. the African tribe that had knowledge of Sirius astronomy centuries before telescopes were mentioned in both(referring to the Oannes ETs). Crowley’s work seemed to have much more spiritual implications and delved into codes hidden in religious works and human contact stories. Perhaps the truth is available to the adepts in both writings and just needs a new mind to unlock it. What I found interesting was the absolute infinite advance in technology from the 1920’s/30’s to the 1960’s. Humans barely had the gasoline engine perfected and suddenly we had spacecraft, nightvision, fiber optics and understood the plasma state of matter. Crowley’s writings touch upon a much more esoteric nature on personal and spirtual growth through contact.


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