The Magick of Ewaz – Robert Morga

book of ewaz review picture(The author of this book asked that I not use his “copyrighted artwork” in my post, so I will just include this piece of my own artwork so that the post doesn’t look boring to my viewers.)

The Magick of Ewaz – Robert Morga

IGOS – 1993

Edit 2023: I was actually lucky enough to hear from the author about this review (in the comments section below the review), and he was gracious enough to correct me on a few mistakes I had made in my original post. I have gone through the post to rectify my all of my mistakes. I hope this updated review is more accurate.

Here’s another GREAT book from the International Guild of Occult Sciences, The Magick of Ewaz. Ewaz is supposed to be a demon, and while his name sounds very similar to Aleister Crowley’s Aiwass, there doesn’t seem to be a link between these two entities.
ROBERT MORGA THE FAMOUS Magician claims to have written this grimoire in a cold, scary, demon-haunted cellar. Maybe that’s why it’s so full of BRILLIANT MATERIAL. This AWESOME piece of WRITING is supposed to be a powerful grimoire of black magic, but it reads like SOMETHING EVEN BETTER THAN THAT.

The author spends most of the text boasting about how powerful and clever he is, and then he gives a few REALLY GOOD spells alongside some doodles. PROOF OF HIS GENIUS.

This is seriously TOP tier stuff. It’s printed on somebody’s work (or highschool) photocopier, and the author is an EXCELLENT writer. He repeatedly spells sacrifice ‘sacrafice’, uses the word ‘alot’, and has A VERY GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF comma usage. Did EVERYbody at IGOS proofread this EXCELLENT BOOK?

I’m running out of things to say about GREAT BOOKS like this. How is there so much of this AWESOME STUFF? I have a few more texts put out by IGOS, but they’re all quite a bit longer than this one, and I don’t want to waste my time NOT reading them. These books are laughably BRILLIANT. I honestly find it difficult to imagine anyone NOT taking this REALLY CLEVER BOOK seriously.

On his old website, the author described this book as”the best grimoire on this planet.” HE WAS RIGHT. He doesn’t seem to have written much else, but this book went through several editions. I think this is the earliest one. It weighs in at about 20 pages. The 6th edition is 133 pages long. I’m sure the addition of more than 100 pages made it much better…