Wicca vs. Trump and Voodoo vs. Hitler

I don’t normally write about politics, but here we go. There has been a bunch of recent articles (BBC, FoxNews, DailyMail…) about groups of witches casting spells to get rid of Donald Trump. Personally, I think that Trump is a piece of shit and that his administration is a pack of horrible cunts, but I don’t have a very high opinion of  unkempt, dreadlocked wiccans either.  And imagine the chaos that would ensue if their spell actually worked. Congress would round up every goth with a triangle tattoo and burn them at the stake. I think that American witches would do well to draw as little attention to themselves as possible for the next four years.

Anyways, putting hexes on fascist dictators is really nothing new. In 1941, Willie Seabrook and friends attempted to kill Adolf Hitler with voodoo. I found the full Life Magazine article about the ritual online, and I’ve uploaded it here for you.






hitler-voodoo-6Pretty cool, huh?

3 thoughts on “Wicca vs. Trump and Voodoo vs. Hitler

  1. Perhaps that voodoo would have been more effective if they hadn’t been posing for the cameras. And who’s to say a nail doesn’t take a while in the Tendrils finding its way to such a black heart and come out a few years later, looking like a suicide’s bullet? Either way, Hitler lies in the eternal fire of our scorn and witchcraft survives.

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    1. I agree, and I think it’s the exact same thing today. Every Tumblr witch in the land is going to use this as an opportunity to show how witchy and liberal they are, but many of these people are the same fools who didn’t vote and won’t do a damned thing about making any real social change. It’s all about how they can use America’s plight to make themselves look alternative and interesting.

      Also, Hitler has died, but let’s be real here, his horrible ideas never disappeared, and they have definitely been making a mainstream comeback recently.

      What do you make of the stories that Hitler was himself a witch?


  2. Trump has millions of batshit evangelicals all praying for him. Who can tell if this has a protective effect, or if it’s all a bunch of codswallop? To be honest an egomaniac like Trump probably feeds on all the attention, good or bad.
    But he’s gotta fall some time. Even the Old Moore’s Almanac for next year is suggesting his probable end(at least in office) although hedging their bets and not naming names like the cheap hacks that they are.


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